Cooler Upgradation Project

At the time of Kiln Line 1 upgradation in 2004 from 3000 TPD to 3700 TPD, clinker cooler was not upgraded. As a result, increased temperature of clinker was resulting in the increase of fuel consumption in kiln. Due to this high temperature clinker, handling of clinker was made very difficult and made the existing cooler very inefficient to use. To overcome this problem, FCCL signed a contract with FLS to upgrade the clinker cooler at line 1. Upgradation included an installation of 3rd Generation FLS cross bar clinker cooler. Total Project cost was 398.68 Million PKR. Cooler Up-Gradation work started on 5 May 2019 and completed on 30 June 2019.

Cement Packer - Line 2

In collaboration with Haver & Boecker Company of Germany, Fauji Cement has installed an additional cement packer in November 2018 at Line 2 to enhance its packing capacity. With this addition, capacity has been enhanced by 120 tons per hours.

Installation of Two Steel Silos

For storage of specialized cement products, Fauji Cement has installed two new cement silos with a capacity of 2000 tons each. The project was completed in February, 2019

Bucket Elevator - Line 1

In collaboration with Aumund Company of Germany, Fauji Cement has installed a bucket elevator in November 2018 at Clinker Silo Line 1 to meet its operational requirements. The project is likely to reduce the overall energy needs. Capacity of bucket elevator is 350 tons per hours.

Solar-02 & 03 Captive Power Plant (2.5MWp Each)

FCCL have installed the solar-02 of capacity 2.5MWp in expansion to existing solar-01 i.e. 12.5MWp, the largest industrial solar power plant of Pakistan. In addition, ground leveling job is near to finish on FCCL solar-03 power plant project of capacity 2.5MWp and soon its erection will be started. Project will be completed by December this year and is expected to generate 4000MWh of energy/year