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Notice of 140th BODs Meeting

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Notice of 11th EOGM

Change of Management

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Change of Management


Notice Credit of Interm Cash Dividend

Transfer of Interim Dividend amount

Declaration of Interim Cash Dividend FY-2018/19

Notice for Transfer of Final Dividend

Book Closure of 26th AGM

Declaration of Final Cash Dividend for the FY-2017/18

Financial Result

Financial Result for half year ended 31st December 2021

Material Information

Presentation trade in the 130th BODs Meeting

Disclosure of Interest by a Directors, CEO

Extract approved Resolution of 10th EOGM

Approval of 12.5 Maga Watt Captive Solar Power plant

Transmission of Financial Result

Half Yearly Report for the Period ending 31st December 2018

First Quarterly Report for the Period ending 30th Sep 2018