Registration Procedures

Following procedure will be followed for registration with FCCL as Distributor:-

Application on letter head for dealership along with the following documents:-

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • NTN (National Tax Number)
  • STN (Sales Tax Number)
  • Dealership Security Rs 250,000 (Refundable)
  • Registration fee Rs 10,000 (Non Refundable)
  • Agreement on Affidavit amounting Rs 100
  • Authority letter from the company management in case a representative is dealing with FCCL

Any additional detail/information may be obtained on telephone, through email or personal visit to our Marketing Office.

For export by sea to India, following procedure will be adopted:-

  • The interested Client / Party forwards an inquiry to Marketing & Sales Department (AM Exports) through e-mail
  • Quotation is forwarded by Export Section as per the requirements of the Client / Party
  • The terms & conditions are discussed with the Client / Party
  • Proforma invoice is sent to the consignee as per terms & conditions mutually agreed
  • After the acceptance of proforma invoice, the consignee transfers the payment to our accounts or opens the LC
  • After receiving the payment/LC, code is opened for the consignee after the approval of GM Marketing & Sales
  • Cement is dispatched as per mutually agreed terms & conditions

Pakistan Based Company: –

  • Certificate of Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan
  • National Tax Number Certificate
  • Export Import License (Jawaz Nama – In the name of partner in Afghanistan)
  • Blank cheque in the name of FCCL (as security)
  • Copies of CNIC
  • Contract (Agreement) on stamp paper worth Rs 100, each attested by Notary Public or Oath Commissioner
  • Bank statement of last three years
  • Company Profile / Business Experience
  • Affidavit (Non Default in Pakistan or Abroad) on Stamp Papers worth Rs 100, each attested by  Notary Public/Oath Commissioner
  • Partnership Deed attested on Stamp Paper worth Rs 100 (Between owner of Company and the person who owns Jawaz Nama)

Foreign Based Company

  • Import License
  • NTN Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Blank cheque in name of FCCL (as security)
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce of that country
  • Company Profile / Business Experience
  • Bank statement of last three years
  • Affidavit (Non default in Pakistan or abroad)
  • Contract (Agreement) on Stamp Papers worth Rs 100, each attested by Notary Public / Oath Commissioner (Copy of Contract will be provided on demand)


  • Registration 
    Exporter / Importer gets registered with FCCL after submission of above mentioned requirements
  • Booking
    100% advance payment in US Dollars deposited in designated Bank, UNITED BANK LIMITED, Chowk Yadgar Branch, Peshawar
  • Delivery
    As per mutually agreed schedule
  • Return Documents
    To be returned to FCCL within 10 to 15 days after export of cement and verified from Custom Authorities at Torkham, Ghulam Khan & Chamman borders with Afghanistan. The following documents must be submitted:-

    • Verification Form
    • Form E
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Sales Tax Invoice
    • Performa Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Truck Bilties
    • Goods Declaration Form
    • Ghumrak Document
    • Refund of Rebate/Commission (if any) mutually agreed
      Rebate/Commission will be refunded in next two weeks after submission of return documents
  • Rates are quoted by the Manager to the clients
  • NTN Certificate and Sales Tax Number is submitted by the consignee to FCCL
  • A new customer code is then assigned to the consignee
  • After the settlement, the consignee transfers the money to FCCL’s designated account
  • A Purchase Order is then sent by the consignee to the firm mentioning the quantity of cement required and that quantity is booked on the current rate
  • Bill Invoice is prepared for the client according to the cement dispatched
  • After 15 days, a Material Receipt Certificate (MRC) is sent to the concerned project for verification
  • Application on letter head of the transport company will be forwarded to GM Marketing & Sales FCCL, highlighting the transport available with that company
  • The DM logistics / Transport will scrutinize the application and send his recommendation for GM’s approval
  • On the recommendation of GM Marketing & Sales, the applicant will be called and given a set of documents which will include following:
    – Contract agreement on stamp paper worth Rs 100
    – CNIC (attested) photo copy of the applicant
    – NTC/Sales Tax payer certificate
    – Security, bank draft as laid down
    – Acknowledgement of registration (form c rule 9(a))
  • Further processing for allotment of code and permission for lifting of cement will be granted by GM Marketing & Sales after provision of all above mentioned documents by the applicant. DM logistics /Transport will process the case as per approval of GM Marketing & Sales

Customer Registration Form (For Domestic Dealers only)