It has been said that the essence of a successful and visionary company is the ability to preserve its core values and to stimulate progress. Corporate ethics is the practice of our shared values. These shared values define who we are and what we can expect from each other. It is a code which applies to all employees and consists of standards decided by Allah and His Messenger (PBUH).

Corporate Responsibility

The key to corporate integrity is responsibility of all of us. Accordingly, each one of us has a responsibility to uphold corporate ethics on daily basis and work with dedication.

      • Know and follow this code in letter and spirit.
      • Know and comply with our professional obligations.
      • Take responsibility of own conduct.
      • Report violations of this code to management appropriately.

This statement defines following broad corporate values that shape our business practices.

Legal / Compliance Obligations

The activities and operations of FCCL will be carried out in strict compliance with all applicable laws and the highest ethical standards. Meeting our legal obligations and cooperating with local, national and international authorities lay a solid foundation for our corporate values. As individuals, employees must strive to understand and be aware of the laws applicable to our business and areas of responsibility.

Integrity and Honesty

Corporate integrity and honesty is the foundation of our business code of conduct. By maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity through open, honest and fair dealings, we earn trust for ourselves and from everyone with whom we come in contact. Our employees, holding the trust of the Company, are expected to uphold the highest professional standards.


Every employee is obligated to protect the Company’s confidential information. All information developed or shared, as a result of the business process, is proprietary of Company and must be treated as confidential.

Corporate Records

Company documents and records are part of Company’s assets and employees are charged with maintaining their accuracy and safety. Employees are required to use excellent record-management skills by recording information accurately and honestly, and retaining records as long as necessary to meet business objectives and government regulations. Financial records must accurately reflect all financial transactions of the Company. No false, artificial, or misleading entries shall be made in the books and records of Company for any reason.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when a personal interest or activity of an employee influences or interferes with employee’s performance of duties, responsibilities or loyalties to the Company. All employees must avoid any personal or business influences or relationships that affect, or appear to affect, their ability to act in the best interests of the Company.

Unauthorized Use of Corporate Assets

Every employee is obligated to protect the assets of Company. Company property, such as office supplies, production equipment, products and buildings may not be used for personal reasons. Expenses may not be charged to Company unless they are meant for promoting Company’s business.

Respect for People and Team Work

We are dedicated to dignity and respect and we owe nothing less to each other. This high level of respect for one another enters into every aspect of our dealings with colleagues and those with whom we come into contact on each working day, and reflects greatly on how our corporate culture is perceived. We know it well that none of us, acting alone, can achieve success.

Safety and Health

We all are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace by following safety and health rules and practices. We are responsible for immediately reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices or conditions to a supervisor or other designated person. We are committed to keep our workplace free from hazards.

Dedication to Quality

Our quality policy is an integral part of our business philosophy and we are committed to provide total customer satisfaction. We are committed to public for the supply of best quality Cement that fully conforms to the specifications and meets the customers’ needs and expectations.

Corporate Image

Company’s reputation and identity are among the Company’s most valuable assets. As part of keeping and furthering the corporate image, we believe in conducting business legally, morally and ethically, and in sharing the success that business brings. All employees, particularly those in management, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Company’s image and identity, both internally and externally. No one should act in a way, or make any statement, that adversely affects the reputation or image of the Company with employees, customers or the community at large.


Stakeholders are valuable partners for us with whom a long-term, fair and trustworthy relationship should be built and maintained with appropriate information disclosure. Shareholders and investors own the Company. On the basis of their trust, we will exert our best efforts to protect their investment value and to maximize their benefit.