WHR For Cement Plant

WHR For Cement Plant

Pre-qualification of builders / contractors for the installation of Civil / Mechanical / E&I works for Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant (9MW) on 3700 tons per day cement plant and 16 MW Wartsila Power Plant of Fauji Cement Company Limited

Applications are invited for prequalification of contractors for the installation of Civil, Mechanical, E&I and commissioning works of Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant for Fauji cement plant. Interested firms / companies should submit their prequalification documents in English, comprising the following:

1.  Detailed company profile including a description of the company’s activities, all the previous projects undertaken and clients list.
2.  Party should have proven construction record of WHR plants for Cement Industry in Pakistan or abroad.
3.  Preferably 10 x years relevant experience of executing such projects in Cement/Power sector which may include complete erection & commissioning of such projects.
4.  Balance sheet and cash flow statement clearly showing financial healthiness to undertake such projects.
5.  List of full time, part time, and contractual staff in your organization along with their experience and Technical qualification.
6.  List of all tool/tackles along with quantity and specifications available with the company specially the cranes, fork lifters, concrete pumps, skip folding pipes.
7.  Testimonials from past clients for installation of WHRS.
8.  A certificate / affidavit that the firm has never been black-listed or debarred by any Government / Autonomous / International body as well as not involved in any litigation with FCCL.
9.  Registration documents with PEC and category number.
10.Interested company / firm must possess GST and income tax registration and should be active taxpayer.

Please send the above pre-qualification documents to the under mentioned address latest by 31st march ,2016.

General Manager (Maintenance)
Fauji Cement Company Limited
Near Village Jang Bahtar, Attock
Tel.#: 0572-538047-8
Direct#: 0572-538013
e_mail: m.siddiq@fccl.com.pk