How To Register With FCCL

Local Sales

– For sale in the Market through Dealers network.
– Supply on projects.
– For construction of own Houses. (For General Public) (For Defense Personnel)

Export Sales

– Afghanistan/Tajikistan Through Torkham Ghulam Khan, Chaman & Kandhar Borders
– India By Road Through Wagha Border (Quotation)
– Export By Sea (Quotation)

Registration Procedures

Dealership for Domestic Markets

Following procedure will be followed for registration with FCCL as Distributor.

1. Application on letter head for dealership along with the following documents:-
– CNIC (Computerize National Identity Card)
– NTN (National Tax Number)
– STN (Sales Tax Number)
– Dealership Security Rs. 250,000 (Refundable)
– Registration fee Rs.10,000/ (Non Refundable)
– Agreement on Affidavit amounting Rs.100
– Authority Letter from the company management in case a representative is dealing with FCCL

2. Any additional detail/information required may be obtained on telephone, through email or personal visit to our Marketing office.

Registration as Importers (By Sea/By India)

For above export following procedure is adopted.

– The interested client/Party forwards an inquiry to Marketing Department (AM Export by Sea/ India) through e-mail.
– Quotation is forwarded by export section as per the requirements of the client/ Party.
– The terms/ conditions are discussed with the client/ party.
– Proforma Invoice is sent to the consignee as per terms and conditions mutually agreed.
– After the acceptance of proforma Invoice the consignee transfers the payment to our Account or opens the LC.
– After receiving the payment/LC, open a new code for the consignee after the approval of GM Marketing.
– Dispatch cement as per mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Export to Afghanistan & Tajikistan

Pakistan Based Company
1. Certificate of Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan.
2. National Tax Number Certificate.
3. Export Import License (Jawaz Nama – In the name of Partner in Afghanistan).
4. Blank Cheque in the name of FCCL. (As Security).
5. Copies of NIC.
6. Contract (Agreement) on stamp paper worth Rs. 100 each attested by Notary Public or Oath Comissioner.
7. Bank Statement last three years.
8. Company Profile/ Business Experience.
9. Affidavit (Non Default in Pakistan or Abroad) on Stamp Papers worth Rs. 100 each attested by Notary Public/Oath Commissioner.
10.Partnership Deed attested on Stamp Paper worth Rs. 100 (Between Owner of the Company & the person who own Jawaznama)

Foreign Based Company
1. Import License
2. NTN Certificate
3. Copy of Passport
4. National Identification Card
5. Blank Cheque in name of FCCL (As Security).
6. Member of Chamber of Commerce of that country.
7. Company Profile/ Business Experience.
8. Bank Statement last three years.
9. Affidavit (Non Default in Pakistan or Abroad
10.Contract (Agreement) on Stamp Papers worth Rs. 100 each attested by Notary(Copy of Contract will be provided on demand)

1. Registration:
Exporter/Importer gets register with FCCL after submission of above mentioned requirements.

2. Booking:
100 % Advance Payment in US $ deposited in designated Bank. UNITED BANK LIMITED, CHOWK YADGAR BRANCH PESHAWAR

3. Delivery:
As per mutually agreed schedule.

4. Return Documents:
To be returned to FCCL with in 10 to 15 days after export of cement and verified from Custom Authorities at Torkham, Ghulam Khan & Chamman Borders Afghanistan. The following documents must be submitted:

a) Verification Form
b) Form E
c) Certificate of origin
d) Commercial Invoice
e) Sales Tax Invoice
f) Performa Invoice
g) Packing List
h) Truck Bilties
i) Goods Declaration Form
j) Ghumrak Document

5. Refund of Rebate/Commission (if any) mutually agreed:
Rebate/Commission will be refunded in next two weeks after submission of Return Documents.

Booking a New Project

1. Rates are quoted by the Manager to the potential clients.
2. The NTN Certificate and Sales Tax Number is submitted by the consignee to our firm.
3. A new customer code is then assigned to the consignee.
4. After the settlement, the consignee transfers the money to our account.
5. A Purchase Order is then sent by the consignee to the firm mentioning the quantity of cement required and that quantity is booked on the day’s rate.
6. Bill Invoice is prepared for the client according to the cement dispatched.
7. After 15 days a Material Receipt Certificate (MRC) is sent to the concerned project for verification.

Registration as Transporter

1. To register a new transporter following procedure is adopted
a. Application on letter head of the transport company will be forwarded to GM Marketing FCCL, highlighting the transport available with that company, propose and the area to operate.
b. The DM logistics/ transport will scrutinize the application and make his recommendation for GM’s approval. c. On the Recommendation of GM Marketing the applicant will be called and given a set of documents which will include following:
– Contract agreement on stamp paper worth Rs. 100.
– NIC attested photo copy of the applicant.
– NTC/Sales Tax payer certificate
– Security, bank draft as laid down
– Aknowledgement of registration ok firm (form c rule 9(a))

2. Further processing for allotment of code and permission for lifting of cemtn with be granted by GM Marketing after provision of all above mentioned document by the applicant. DM logistics/ transport will process the case as per approval of GM Marketing.