Fauji Foundation

It is incorporated under The Charitable Endowments Act, 1890. Its aim and structure of governance is given in the Scheme of Administration as notified by the Government of Pakistan. Although the current name dates from 1967, the origin of the Foundation lies in the Military Reconstruction Fund (later known as the Post War Services Reconstruction fund) established in 1942 by the Government of British India for the post-war welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen and their dependents, defined as beneficiaries.

These beneficiaries now number approximately 9.6 million, i.e., around 7% of Pakistan’s population. Fauji Foundation extends services in the fields of health, education, technical and vocational training.

The raison d’etre of the Foundation is the welfare of its beneficiaries by law. Therefore, strong commercial operations are a must to fund the welfare for an expanding beneficiary base, on a sustainable basis. Thus, it has a number of industrial and commercial concerns, (generally known as the Fauji Group); half of them are fully owned by the Foundation and in the remaining, it controls the boards, through major investment and shareholding. The sectors in which we have currently invested are fertilizer, power, oil & gas exploration & distribution, oil terminal operations, financial services, cement, sugar, cereals, employment services, and security services.

The beginning of all these commercial and welfare operations was humble. When the Post War Services Reconstruction Fund was consolidated under single and central control in 1954, it had approximately Rs. 18 Million, the remnant of the Rs. 35 Million that had come to the share of the territory of the former West Pakistan in 1947. Its growth through judicious investments, and the attendant social facility provided to a large and expanding sector of population, is easily an example worth emulating and a story worth telling. Since the Foundation does not accept any grants, there is no option but to increase income through prudent investment. The last 50 years of its existence suggest that the Foundation successfully meets all its continuously expanding welfare obligations across the country, from resources generated by itself.

The nature of its operations makes Fauji Foundation a unique welfare-cum-industrial group.

We earn, but we earn to serve.
For further Information you can visit http://www.fauji.org.pk